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I think someone once said that music is the medicine for the soul. Of course that all depends upon what your definition is of music. Music may stir up, soothe, clam or give peace. Music has long been used to give emphasis to motion pictures and events.

The other day was one of those days. You know, the kind that for every step forward you go two back! When deadlines press to the limit and in all that your computer locks up for the third time in an hour. In the midst of all that the phone rings off the wall.

Then I received Ronan Hardiman's - ANTHEM CD. When I placed it into my CD Player the magic began! From the beginning the music worked wonders and provided that medicine. Here is a masterpiece that will become a classic. ANTHEM is one of those CDs that will carry the listener across the surf, up meadows of wild flowers in the high peaks and into the clouds.

From the news, Ronan Hardiman, the acclaimed composer from the worldwide Irish dance and music sensations, Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames, returns to the music scene with his second solo album, ANTHEM. A combination of pop, classical and Celtic sounds, ANTHEM. radiates the rhythmic and mystical spirit of Hardiman's work.

ANTHEM, defined as "a joyful song of praise," was conceived after the extraordinary success Hardiman experienced from his solo debut SOLAS (March '98 release). His signature hypnotic melodies from SOLAS were expanded upon to create the similarly beautiful and passionate music heard on ANTHEM. The album contains classic Hardiman on "Run Away" (a successor to "Love Song" from SOLAS) and the title track "ANTHEM."


1. Anthem
2. That Place In Your Heart
3. Run Away
4. Ready For Life
5. Salve
6. Never
7. Worlds Apart
8. Ancient Lands
9. Where Are You Now
10. Heaven (Waiting There For Me)

Editorial Reviews

Ronan Hardiman first gained renown as the composer for Michael Flatley's Irish dance extravaganzas, Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames. On Anthem, his second solo release, he moves away from the relentlessly rhythmic music of his Flatley collaborations, in favor of a looser, more atmospheric style of composing and performing. Hardiman's sweeping synthesizer tones on tracks such as "Ready for Life" recall the ethereal music of Enya while his use of Latin chants on "Salve" sound like a less spooky version of Enigma. Hardiman has a gift for writing great hooks, which give songs like "That Place in Your Heart" and "Heaven (Waiting for Me There)" an unexpected, but enjoyable pop sheen. The songs on Anthem are not explicitly Irish, but Hardiman's strong melodic sense and mystical leanings imbue them with an irresistible Celtic character. --Michael Simmons


Composer Ronan Hardiman talks about his score for the new stage Spectacular starring Michael Flatley

September 27th saw the release in the U.S. of the amazing soundtrack to Michael Flatleys stunning new stage blockbuster 'Celtic Tiger',composed by Ronan Hardiman.The release coincides with the world premiere of 'Celtic Tiger' with a sell out show in New Yorks' legendary Madison Square Gardens.

Celtic Tiger has been described as a highly charged innovative show with breathtaking special effects making it not quite a stage show and not quite a film but uniquely somewhere in between.

"This score posed an enormous creative challenge" says composer Ronan Hardiman." Having had the privilege to be involved in two world entertainment phenomenon with Michael Flatley (Lord Of The Dance and 'Feet Of Flames') how on earth was I going to able to do something new for a third, were my initial thoughts" "As usual,when Michael and I began a series of creative meetings to discuss this project, he fired up my imagination with his vision for the production. Where Lord Of The Dance had more in common with an Arena type Rock production than a Theatrical presentation, 'Celtic Tiger' was going to look and feel more like a Blockbuster movie was intrigued. I suddenly began thinking about the possibility of an enormous Orchestral and Choral approach to the score. Celtic Tiger tells the story of the oppression of the Irish people down through the ages, and the Tiger symbolizes the awakening of their spirit and their struggle for freedom-so there was plenty of tremendous dramatic content to deal with musically."

The end result is a sweeping epic dramatic work that ranks as one of the best scores ever to accompany a Stage Show or Movie.All of Hardimans trademarks are evident-beautiful melodies, exquisite arrangements and the usual passion and energy-but what is most striking is the incredible diversity of styles in which Hardiman seems to effortlessly switch between.

"That was the most exciting part of this project, the variety of themes that were going to be dealt with dramatically. The first half of the show re-enacts various landmark Irish historical events such as 'The Famine' sequence and ‘The Vikings' sequence.The second half is more contemporary thematically, and is a celebration of the emigrant Irish population in America-the diverse cultural influences to which they were exposed,and the influence they themselves had. 'A New World' is a good example-it's a six minute sequence which changes style every 40 or so. The music had to seamlessly switch from Latino, to Jazz to Hip Hop to Flamenco-even Ballet is included! I remember quite a few very late nights and early mornings working on that particular sequence.


1) St Patrick (Angelus) 3.08
2) The Vikings 4.31
3) The garden Of Eden 6.13
4) The Redcoats 3.50
5) The Famine 2.51
6) The banshee/A nation Once Again 4.13
7) Freedom 6.33
8) A New World 6.42
9) The Last Rose 3.49
10) Celtic Kittens 4.01
11) Capone 3.56
12) The Celtic Tiger 3.43

To see video clip from the show visit


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Ronan Hardiman - anthem!

Ronan Hardiman - Solas!

Ronan Hardiman - anthem!
Michael Flatley's
Lord Of The Dance

Ronan Hardiman - Michael Flatley's Feet Of Flames
Michael Flatley's
Feet Of Flames


Ronan Hardiman - Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger
Michael Flatley's
Celtic Tiger


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Published by: Capital Celtic Network
Year Written: 2006

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Many musical artists and groups are active in their communities. Some perform before faithful fans on a regular schedule each week or weekend. They are independent musicians as compared to those music industry big names. We often think of the big name groups because we are exposed to the marketing blitz. I have had the opportunity to hear a number of independent performers with Capital Celtic. Some are just starting out and are perhaps a little rough around the edges and some are so outstanding I wonder why they have not entered into the "Big Time" music industry. Perhaps you have experienced the same? Perhaps you know of a new artist or group that you believe has talent that would be enjoyed by others? If so send me a CD and Bio and we will feature them on The Capital Celtic Network. - EEHealy


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